Formally Taught ... and Not 
March 21 - April 12
In support of coronavirus restrictions, the opening reception has been cancelled
and the gallery hours will be by appointment.
All works are on view on the website and can be purchased online by contacting the gallery at and 917-902-4359.

Formally Taught …. and Not includes work by established artists who frequently exhibit in galleries, museums and public institutions, and inspiring work by Senior Citizens in the art program at The Rose Baker Senior Center — creative people whose important life’s work has circumvented formal art training.  Now with time and the passion to explore, these Seniors are continuing in their journey of self-expression. Their artwork is illuminating and proof that we are all equipped with a unique set of sensibilities informed by years of aesthetic practice implicit in daily living — namely observation and the practice of evaluating how things look.

The gallery is grateful to the following who participated in the exhibition : Gabrielle Barzaghi . Coco Berkman . Deborah Bohnert . Anthea Brigham . Carolyn Budrow . Helen Burgess . Kay Carpenter  . Nateley Daley . Rob Diebboll . Rob Green . Pippy Giuliano . Joy Halsted . Susan Harrigan . Barbara Jobe . Ed Leavitt . Paul L’Heureux . Marian Linden . Barbara Maddix . Joann Maddix . Judy Magee . Jeffrey Marshall . Maria Millefoglie . Barbara Moody . Adin Murray . Mary McCarl . Gen McNamara . James Paradis . Jenny Parisi . Hans Pundt . Bob Quinn . Doreen Ross  Valerie Sadler . Lynne Sausele . Linda Sojda . Dawn Southworth . Lois Stillman . Bill Sumner . Ed Touchette.

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