Absolute Secret 2020
October 15 - November 3 . 2020
Jane Deering Gallery 
19 Pleasant Street, Gloucester MA 01930 . 917-902-4359

Absolute Secret 2020

What’s this all about?

Since early 2018, the gallery has been providing exhibition space to area artists. They pay no rent and receive help with promotion and publicity. Artists find it a rewarding experience and I believe it’s important for the area. It fosters growth in the arts and offers new visions to our community.

But these are challenging times.  To continue providing this space to artists, I asked the many national and international artists I’ve worked with over the years to donate a small work which is now offered to you for $20.

Here’s a chance for you to find a little gem for a song while supporting the gallery’s mission. Works are signed on the back — an Absolute Secret
until you’ve bought the work, turned it over, and discovered the artist.

Absolute Secret 2020
begins Thursday October 15th @ 1:00pm (EST) when the gallery opens
first come, first served

online requests to purchase artworks should be sent to
email requests will be answered as quickly as possible

all artworks are $20 + sales tax = $21.25 . cash or check
Gallery hours: Thursdays - Sundays 1-3pm

The gallery is grateful to the many artists who enthusiastically donated a work to this cause. 

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