Gail Barker | Art as Process
May 16 - 31, 2020

The motions and rituals of daily activities all serve as prompts allowing Barker to incorporate walking, journey-taking, solitary contemplative actions — into forms of drawing, sewing, knitting, wrapping, paper manipulation and performance.

Gail Barker grew up under the wide skies and on the flat landscape of East Anglia in Great Britain. She attended a Quaker primary school and later a farm school — all of which influenced her love of space and a reverence for the simple rhythms of daily life. In 1977 she moved to Rochester, NY and then In 1989 to New England (Beverly Farms MA) where she graduated from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston  She has exhibited at The Royal Academy of Arts, London UK; and performed with the collaborative Fourthland ( at The Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol UK and Bath UK. Her work is held in numerous private collections in the US and UK. Barker returned to her native England in 2008. She resides in Bath where she maintains her studio.

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