A Turning Point | the contemporary landscape
April 13 - June 16 . 2019
Opening reception Saturday April 13th . 4:00-6:00pm

Beautiful world, where are you going?* A timely question in exploring our fragile relationship with the natural world.  Droughts, wildfires, scorched earth, floods, destructive mudslides, logging, strip mining, fracking, oil spills, over development. No end in sight to the issues that affect and alter the landscape. And yet …. beauty abounds, vistas transport us, peace awaits in a forest, on a ridge, in one’s own backyard. The land will sustain us and beauty will thrive, if only we pay attention and heed.

The works on view present images from various perspectives. Some render a straight forward depiction, others manipulate or work with an unexpected material, still others find a detail and use it to transform our understanding or heighten a reaction.

The exhibition will run through mid-June.  Due to the size of the gallery, works will be switched out at least once during the run of the show. When new works are hung, an additional reception will be announced.

Included are regional and international artists whose works are held in museum, corporate and private collections.  Gabrielle Barzaghi, Paul Cary Goldberg, Tom Fels, Jacob Hessler, Jeff Marshall, Adin Murray, Esther Pullman, Steve Rosenthal and Erma Wheeler from New England; Nell Campbell, Gail Pine and Young Suh from California; Gail Barker, Neeta Madahar and Michael Porter from the United Kingdom.
  • * In 2018, the 10th Liverpool Biennial was titled Beautiful world, where are you? and invited artists and audiences to reflect on a world in social, political and economic turmoil. Beautiful world, where are you going? is a tribute to that sentiment but focuses solely on landscape — the devastating alterations and destruction we lament, but also the continued solace we find in the glorious beauty of the natural world.

A Turning Point — April 13 - June 16, 2019
Gallery hours: Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 1:00-5:00 pm
and by chance or appointment @ 917-902-4359
info@janedeeringgallery. www.janedeeringgallery.com

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