The single object. A silver server. A stem from the woods. A treasured spoon. Petals of a dried flower. We experience these things not only perceptually but emotionally and intellectually as well. Jane Deering Gallery presents 'Silver and Grey' -- celebrating the eternal life of an object:  what it once was, what it is now, how it has passed through time and remains.  The exhibition opens August 3rd and runs through September 30th 2017.

Leslie Lewis Sigler’s small paintings are reflective portraits of silver cutlery which remind us that these family treasures have an enduring life. “Such items pass through the generations as cherished heirlooms, survive the purgatory of antique markets, or perhaps find new life at estate sales. As their stories evolve, they form a lineage that connects us to one another, across generations and geographies.” LLS

Paul Cary Goldberg’s series Here Still is a photographic narrative of natural objects he’s been gathering in his Gloucester studio over the past fifteen years. Specimens of discovery, resilience, and inevitable decline. Goldberg has presented the series in the nature morte (literally translated from the French as dead nature) tradition of art and created images both poignant and gentle.

Paul Cary Goldberg is a self-taught photographer whose work has been exhibited throughout the United States, as well as Florence, Italy, and Tel Aviv, Israel.  He is the recipient of numerous grants and awards.  Goldberg’s work has been accepted into the permanent collections of the Cleveland Museum of Art; the Boston Public Library; the Museum of Fine Arts/Boston; the DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, Lincoln MA; Cape Ann Museum, Gloucester, MA; the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara CA, among others.  The artist lives and works in Glocuester MA.

Born in central Texas, Leslie Lewis Sigler earned a BFA in painting at the University of Texas at Austin. Since 2008, she has made Santa Barbara, CA home and has exhibited in solo and group shows in California, New York and Massachusetts. Since 2011 she has been scavenging and painting family heirlooms while witnessing their stories and histories unfold as she translates their portraits to panel and canvas.  This is her third show with Jane Deering Gallery.
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