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Blue arrived, and its time was painted
July 31 - August 31 . 2014 @ JDG Gloucester MA

There were two inspirations for this exhibition. One, the simplicity of a summer sky; the other, the poem Azul by Spanish poet Rafael Alberti (1902-1999). Alberti wrote a series of poems in the 1940s which were dedicated to his first experience of painting at the Prado, to the palette, to the paintbrush, and to the various qualities of black, blue, red, and white. Azul (Blue) begins with this line -- Llegó el azul y se pintó su tiempo (Blue arrived, and its time was painted.)

The artists in the exhibition were not asked to reflect on Alberti’s words. Rather, works were chosen for the reference -- however apparent or shaded, charged or reserved, abundant or spare -- to the color, tint, hue, or concept of blue.

The artists: Chris Baker, Geoffrey Bayliss, Deborah Brown, Arturo di Stefano, Tom Fels, Aaron Fink, Jacob Hessler, Tess Jaray, Colin Kennedy, Neeta Madahar, Shaun McNiff, Adin Murray, Hughie O’Donoghue, Michael Porter, Esther Pullman, Juni Van Dyke and Hazel Walker.

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