Kevin Lucey: Punctuated Gestures opens on Saturday March 3rd with a reception from 3:00-5:30pm.
Beverly-based artist, Kevin Lucey approaches constructing a painting like the ritualistic nature of collecting and preserving. The artist camouflages personal letters, photos, tickets, and textiles beneath hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dots and dashes. Through his laborious process of repetitive mark making, Lucey reconstructs the surface of his paintings into a vessel that contains literal fragments of memories and encounters he seeks to conserve. Punctuated Gestures is a celebration of Lucey’s ability to create exceptional, tiny monuments to the modest mark.

The title of the exhibition references Lucey’s power to boldly mark, or punctuate the surface of his meticulous paintings. While the term ‘punctuate’ typically connates ideas of finality and a definitive action, Lucey’s marks are intentional, yet gestural, nodding to the poetic nature of his practice and the materials that inspire it. All of Lucey’s paintings begin with collages sourced from personal materials. That initial layer is then veiled by concentric dots and dashes. While the artist’s intent is to somewhat bury these mementos beneath his rhythmic, ceremonial marks, Lucey leaves subtle evidence of the underlying materials to converse with his viewer. While they are deeply personal to the artist, Lucey acknowledges that the collage elements can evoke emotions and memories relatable to the viewer as well. Because of this mutual dialogue between the personal and public, Lucey’s paintings operate as both bold punctuations and quiet gestures.
                                                                       -- Pamela Campanaro, Curator

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