JDG artists represented at OMG Art Faire

Jane Deering Gallery presents artists Michael Porter (British b.1948), Adin Murray (American b.1974), Esther Pullman (American b.1943), James Paradis (American b.1933), Alice Hutchins (American 1906-2005), Tom Fels (American b.1947), and Heidi L Johnson (American b.1966) at OMG Art Faire in Kingston NY . September 30 - October 3, 2021. OMG is the first contemporary art fair in New York State's Hudson Valley.

Tom Fels


Alice Hutchins  http://mpeeblesfineart.com/ontheartist.html and http://mpeeblesfineart.com/ontheartist.html

Heidi L Johnson


Adin Murray -- https://www.adinmurrayart.com/


James Paradis -- http://www.jamesparadis.com/home.html



Michael Porter -- http://michaelporterart.com/


Esther Pullman -- http://www.estherpullman.com/




Painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media and digital represented at exhibition in creative upstate community

KINGSTON, NEW YORK (August 10, 2021) – Janet Hicks, the Director of Kingston’s One Mile Gallery announces the OMG Art Faire (OMG). The fair will feature a curated selection of fine art galleries, who represent artists working in photography, painting, sculpture, mixed media, video, and digital. OMG will begin with a VIP opening on the evening of September 30th and will remain open to the public through Sunday, October 3rd at the historic Wall Street Music Hall in Kingston’s Stockade ‘uptown’ area.

For centuries, the Hudson Valley has served as an inspiring enclave and creative retreat for artists and that trend continues through the present. “As a resident of and business owner in Kingston, it’s been thrilling to see the swell of the creative community here,” said Hicks, who in addition to being the Founder of OMG and owner of the One Mile Gallery, is Vice President and Director of Licensing at the Artists Rights Society in New York City. “With so many art enthusiasts living in the area and so many visitors coming to Kingston, I thought, ‘why shouldn’t we have our own world-class fair?’”

Between 15 and 20 galleries and artists are expected to exhibit at OMG. Galleries include the Jane Lombard Gallery, Jim Kempner Fine Art, Field Projects, One Mile Gallery, Kenise Barnes Fine Art, 11 Jane Street, Jane Deering Gallery, High Noon Gallery, Theodore Art, BK Projects, Ver Sacrum Fine Art, Cade Tompkins Projects, Soapbox Arts and Alabama artist collective Gee’s Bend Quilters. Artists Samantha French, Aaron Hauck, Kyle Meyer, Mike King, artist/filmmaker Guy Maddin will be represented at OMG, as well. Artist Jim Watt will perform his multi-dimensional project with jazz musicians, 1000W, at the VIP opening night.

Artworks will be available for sale, including work from both established and emerging artists. “The fair will offer an excellent opportunity for visitors to encounter avant-garde new works, meet the artists, and build their collections - all in the unique upstate environment,” added Hicks.

The venue for OMG, the Wall Street Music Hall, was built in the early 1900s. It originally served as a vaudeville and movie house for Kingston residents and tourists who came up the Hudson River by ferry. The expansive space boasts much of the historic ornamentation and features of entertainment halls from this time period and has an expansive space for the exhibition and its booths.

OMG will run in conjunction with a full weekend of cultural happenings including the annual Stockade Faire which offers musical performances, food vendors, and a local maker’s market. The 22nd annual Woodstock Film Festival will also be held during this time, with exact film screening locations and schedule to be announced.

In addition to public exhibition hours, there will be VIP and other special events to be announced closer to the date. Galleries who wish to enquire about exhibiting, please contact omgartfaire@gmail.com or call 917-715 2877.



JANET HICKS is the founder of OMG Art Faire, and the Director of One Mile Gallery in Kingston, New York. Since its opening in 2011, One Mile has become an icon of the Hudson Valley’s creative scene. The gallery shows both local and New York City-based artists in its

unique gallery space in a historic building in the Rondout area of Kingston, New York. In addition to One Mile Gallery, is Vice President and Director of Licensing at the Artists Rights Society in New York City.

STOCKADE FAIRE is an annual event taking place in the “Uptown” area of Kingston, NY. Local businesses come together to highlight Uptown’s thriving community and welcome locals and visitors from afar to shop, feast and peruse the maker’s market curated by Phoenicia Flea