Above Within Below (detail : orange)
Multi-channel sound and computer-controlled lights; wood, fabric
Dimensions variable

Site-specific sound installation

Multi-channel sound and computer-controlled lights; wood, fabric

Composed and recorded by Marc McNulty

Cardon + McNulty created a sonic and sculptural environment conveying sensations of instability and precariousness usually felt on a larger scale. With increasingly numerous and alarming accounts of disastrous floods, storms and quakes, the artists felt compelled to transform a place one would see as shelter into a space that evokes anything but safety.

The installation attempts to bring some tangibility to an experience that for many of us remains abstract, though perhaps increasingly less so.

The interior of the studio was modified to exaggerate its existing floor-plan, with its angled wall, low ceiling and New England aesthetic. Light dynamically alters the space in counterpoint to sound from opposing ends of the audible spectrum, creating an experience that is responded to viscerally rather than interpretively.
Stephanie Cardon