Birgit Faustmann : Bio

1976 +studied painting at the University of Applied Sciences, Cologne, Germany 

1984    completed studies; thereafter active in Cologne as freelancer

2006 – 07 move to Santa Barbara, CA USA


1981  Lichtblicke, Art Society Emmerich-on-Rhine

1985  Federation of Visual Artists, Cologne

1986  Wax Factory, Cologne    

1986  Institute of Art History, Bonn 

1988  Cologne Music University

1991  Municipal Theater, Emmerich-on-Rhine;

1991  Simultan Hall, Cologne

1994  Goethe Institute, Calcutta

2006  Federation of Visual Artists, Cologne

2007  gkg Society for Art and Design, Bonn

2011  Shiftings, LAAA, Los Angeles

2011  Beyond Baroque, Venice (Los Angeles)



The Duesseldorf Art Exhibition

1983  Rhine Park Emmerich

1983  Lower Rhine Art Exhibition, Mercator Hall, Duisburg

1984  Summer Exhibition, Institute for External Relations, Bonn

1984  Art Banner Event, Art Week Bonn

1984  Inaugurational Exhibition, Hennemann Gallery, Bonn

1992  65th Anniversary of the GEDOK Society, Dresdner Bank, Cologne

1995  Chitrakoot Gallery, Calcutta

1998  KölnKunst, Kunsthalle, Cologne

2004  Basell, Cologne

2011  SciArt, KITP, University of California Santa Barbara


1982  Art Prize, Rheinische Post, Düsseldorf

2004  Basell Art Prize, Cologne

Works acquired by the State of North-Rhine–Westphalia, the City of Cologne, the City of Düsseldorf, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bonn